Light Modulator

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  • Transmit sound from your phone on a light beam
  • Make light audible, speak on a sunbeam, produce a laser show
  • Demonstrate cutting-edge fibre optics communication, molecular kinetic theory & persistence of vision
  • Teach serious physics: Amplitude modulation,  AC vs DC, the Inverse square law

    1. Plug the torch into your mobile phone
    2. Activate the solar panel connected to a pre-amp and speaker
    3. Play a song on the phone and the sound will ride the light beam to the solar panel. How cool is that?
    The phenomenon is known as Amplitude Modulation (AM), the same as the AM on your radio!
    You now have the ability to transmit sound (information) on a carrier (light) beam!   
    We have fine-tuned and re-designed this technology into this easy-to-do kit for all science teachers and science demonstrators.  All you need is your mobile phone and you’re ready to amaze . . .

    But there is much more to it . . . you can perform 10 fascinating demonstrations 
    in your classroom!    Grade 3 to 12.  Perfect engagement!

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