OneCar STEM classroom pack - 8 cars

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OneCar is a comprehensive STEM program that allows students to explore mechanics, energy and motion in exciting ways.  Each OneCar has a car chassis, four wheels and supplies to allow students to create at least 6 different powered versions.  Students design and use a solar panel, electric motor, capacitor, kitchen chemicals, compressed air, propeller and more to get the car moving. And best of all, no soldering is required!

​Each Classroom Pack contains components to construct 8 OneCars.  Also included are Instruction master sheets and you can download the Teacher's Manual with guidelines for extended classroom activities & investigation.  The kits can be de-constructed for multiple use from year to year. 
Level:  Year 6 to 9  /  Middle school

The emphasis is on an 'open ended lab' where students have the opportunity to design, develop and try new creative ways of propelling the car.  The basic car provides a working, low friction platform from where students can start their discovery. We worked hard to make this classroom STEM project simple, safe & clever.  We trust that it will make your classroom an inspiring and engaging space.

The parts supplied are sufficient to construct 8 OneCars making 8 battery cars, or 8 capacitor cars, or 8 solar cars, or 8 air cars, or 8 propeller cars or 8 chemical cars.  With a few extra parts the cars can further be converted into Elastic and Mouse Trap powered cars.  A very versatile concept!

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